This video/DVD will help set a training foundation for your dog’s life.

 It goes in detail about the Big Three:

Desire to please

Desire to retrieve

Ability to understand the pressures in training.

Whether you’re getting a pup, already have a pup or you have a dog that needs to go back over the basics this DVD is for you.

 Retriever Fever Puppy is what every dog owner needs to know and what every professional trainer wishes the dog knew before formal training.

 Professional Retriever Trainer Shawn Dustin and his wife Janet will take you step by step through:

Picking a healthy pup.

House/Crate training.

Teaching your dog to be a “Scooper”.

 Intro to throwers.

 Intro to guns.

 Intro to birds.

 Intro to water.

 Foundation for your pup’s life.

Questions and Problems.

 And much much more .


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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