If you have ever been around an easy to control, confident, hard charging, deliver to hand EVER TIME gun dog and wanted to own one, now you can!

This DVD actually shows you step by step how to train your dog in an easy to follow common sense approach.

You will not only know EXACTLY what to do but you will have confidence doing it.

Retriever Fever Gun Dog shows lots of different dogs in different situations and at different levels in an exciting fast paced format.

 Whether you want a hunting companion or the foundation for advanced retrieving or competition dog this DVD is for you .

 Professional Retriever Trainer Shawn Dustin takes you and your retriever in detail through:

Family obedience.

Gun dog obedience.

Force Training step by step.

Desire, Obedience & Force put together in the field.

Confidence in water with birds, guns & decoys.

Learn how to simulate hunting situations.

Go step by step through a Junior Hunt Test.

 Upland, quartering and an actual Pheasant Hunt.

Questions and Problems.

And much much more .


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Weight 2 lbs


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