Protection for allergy relief,mud & debris,shedding,ticks &burrs,snow,coat damage,injury,hot spot,UV protection,healing after surgery



We believe no pup should suffer from allergies. That’s why we designed a bodysuit to combat some of the worst cases of grass, pollen and other environmental allergies. Similar in design to our Lycra Bodysuit, the Comfort Coat is made with MICROBlok Technology performance material. As an antibacterial, antimicrobial and odorless material, it’s perfect for pups with allergies, wounds that are slow to heal (due to licking, scratching, etc.), surgical sites and other skin conditions that need coverage for long periods of time. With our easy to put on and take off design, our Comfort Coat will stay in place on active dogs and the unisex design allows them to conveniently go to the bathroom without having to unzip or remove the suit.


Our Comfort Coat is perfect for:

  • Allergy prevention & relief
  • UV protection (rated UPF 50+ & blocks out 98% of harmful UV rays)
  • Anxiety relief 
  • Preventing the multiplication of dust mites
  • Healing after surgery (prevent irritation to stitches, wounds & medicated areas)
  • Hot spot prevention
  • Injury, rash & surgical site protection 
  • Tick, burr & sticker prevention
  • Mud & debris protection
  • Shedding control
  • Snow protection
  • Coat damage prevention 


How to measure your dog:

Measurement guide to be sure that you select the right size for your dog.

  1. Top Line – Measure from the middle of the shoulder blades along the back bone to the dock of the tail.

  2. Girth — Measure the distance around the girth from just behind the front legs.

 Compare your dog’s measurements with those listed in the size categories below to determine the most appropriate size for your dog. If your dog’s measurements fit into more than one category, use the Top Line measurement alone to select the best size. 

 OR email us at [email protected] with your dogs breed, top line ,weight, and girth and we will send you a reply with the size you need. 

If the COAT you receive does not fit your dog, send it back to us within thirty days and we will gladly exchange it for you.



Size Approximate Weight Top Line in inches Girth in inches
0 5-11 LBS 8-13 10-16
1 8-15 11-15 12-19
2 13-25 14-18 14-21
3 20-38 15-19 16-22
5 35-50 17-22 19-27
7 50-67 19-24 22-32
8 60-80 19-24 24-34
9 70-95 21-27 24-34
11 90-115 24-30 28-37
12 110-150 29-34 32-41




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