A Ghillie suit for your boat.

The ducks are getting smarter and so are we. This 3-D blind is hard to beat, and better yet, as equally hard to see.


The expanding clam shell, four-bar frame snaps up and into the shooting position in 4 seconds. Drops down in 2 seconds.

The blind comes in a kit that fits boats from 14' to 20'.

Strong 1" galvanized, light weight frame is indestructible.

Shaggy Pro Hunter is extremely easy to install with our photo instructions.

The blind Shaggy cover flows and flutters in the breeze, matching the natural harmonics of vegetation around it.

Bottom section is weighted which keeps the blind along the gunnel in the strongest winds. Lifts up for easy entry and exit from the water without lowering the blind.

Blind top has a long narrow shooting gap. You pick the width of the opening when you install the blind.

Rolls up with shaggy material on the inside of the mesh liner for trailering.

Fits, square, V, and modified V hunting and fishing boats

The 4-season Shaggy Pro Hunter blind is our newest innovation in stealth technology. We combined a fine woven mesh and hand sewn strips of cotton, nylon, canvas and burlap to create the strongest, most effective blind on the market today.

Our custom stainless boat buckles allow easy attachment to all boat types, including round, extruded and t-rail style gunnel caps.

The mounts are designed to fit different brands of boats and transom angles.
The universal mounting brackets can be reversed and attached to the outside
of the boat as well. Our instructions cover all mounting options.

The kit comes complete with mounting hardware, tubes, straps, tube paint,
and easy, step-by-step photo instructions. Tim demonstrates how
the blind is rolled up for storage and trailering. The bottom portion of the
Shaggy blind has sleeves and a plastic tube that makes the blind easy to roll
up. Once up and fastened, the top blind buckles are released and the
blind folds neatly along the gunnel for traveling.

We have added a second set of bars between the top bar and gunnel that better supports the Shaggy, and also bellies
the blind outward. The 750 lb. tensile strength straps hold the blind firmly in high windsand holds it up well to the weight of hunters leaning on the top bar. This new frame design is seriously tough, while providing the maximum elbow room for hunters, dogs and equipment.

Our heavy-duty set of top straps and buckles allow you to raise the blind
in five seconds and drop for trailering in three seconds.

Inside or out, the blind looks and functions great. So easy to use. Just graspthe buckle ends, pull up the blind and snap into position. Doesn't get any better than this.

 The light changes the color of the blind considerably. It darkens quickly in shade and lightens well in sunlight. Does not reflect sunlight and mudding the blind is not necessary. The above color is what the blind looks like during a slightly overcast day. It matches the fall colors of marshes anywhere in the country.

So, if you are serious about making your boat into a comfortable, well hidden, duck hunting machine - Order your ShaggyPro Hunter Blind Kit now.

The inside of the blind is not only roomy, but it lets in lots of light. You can peek through the sides, keeping your head and profile low, or look over the eye-level top bars. We also have an optional tie-in nylon liner that is water and wind resistant for those cold and windy mornings.

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