The H-Bar was developed for the Serious Waterfowler. The Unique but simple design creates a way for you to float all of 3D Flappers. This Product has revolutionized the use of Motion Decoys. YOU CAN CHOOSE BETWEEN THE H-BAR FOR 1 OR 2 OR 3 FLAPPING DECOYS in your spread.One of the problems with using Motion Decoys is the length of poles. This problem became real obvious when hunting for open water Ducks. When Water is deeper than 7 feet the use of a pole is almost prohibited. The H-bar cured all of these problems. The H-bar is built out of sturdy PVC electric conduit; all parts are secured by d-pins. The H-bar frame is supported by four of your floating decoys. The uprights are made out the same metal conduit that you would normally use for all 3D Flappers Motion Decoys. (Look at the pictures to see how to use)  The Greatest use of the H-Bar is to keep your decoys facing the wind. The H-Bar is anchored in the same way that you anchor a normal floating decoy, just use more weight. When the wind and waves hit it will float into the wind just like a floating decoy.

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