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The Garmin / Tri-Tronics BarkLimiter Bark Collar is designed for maximum functionality and minimal form. It has improved bark detection technology, powered by micro electro-mechanical acceleration sensors, to detect barking through vibrations on the dog’s neck. This virtually eliminates false corrections caused by scratching, scraping of surfaces, or other noises like the barks of nearby dogs.

To protect you and your dog further, the BarkLimiter also recognizes qualitative differences in barking. It is able to detect and correct nuisance barking, while ignoring protective barking. This allows the dog to communicate injury or threat without activating the device . It delivers consistent and instantaneous correction, virtually eliminating false corrections caused by external noises.

It is available in 2 configurations: BarkLimiter, which has user replaceable batteries while the slimmer BarkLimiter Deluxe is rechargable.

The Bark Limiter offers three modes of correction- autorise, manual, or vibration- to suit various individual or situational needs. At just over 2 oz., the collar is lightweight and compact making it comfortable for small dogs, as well as large dogs. The integrated contact points are optimized to work on all dog breeds and coat thicknesses.

The BarkLimiter is the perfect training tool for any dog with a nuisance barking problem. It is operable right out of the box with no additional set-up required. Garmin Bark Limiter Features: Autorise Technology For your convenience, the BarkLimiter is set to Autorise Stimulation mode right out of the box. This way you don’t have the task of testing all the settings to see what level your dog responds to. The collar begins on the lowest level, 1, and begins to increase stimulation levels as the dog continues to bark. It will also increase levels if a high distraction situation causes your dog to bark excessively.

How it works: The Autorise feature starts at level one when the unit is turned on. When the dog barks for the first time, he will receive a correction at level one. If he barks again, the unit will increase a level and he will receive a correction at level two. Each time the dog continues to bark, it will increase a level until the dog stops barking. The goal is for the correction to be more distracting than whatever is causing the dog to bark. After 30 seconds without barking, the unit will reduce the correction level by one level. At this point, if the dog barks, they will be corrected at this reduced level. The process then repeats as needed, decreasing for no barking or increasing for continued barking. The maximum reduction is two levels below the level that caused the dog to stop barking. The reduction in correction level, in conjunction with the timing between barks, produces an optimal learning scenario for the dog.

Manual Stimulation Settings: The BarkLimiter offers seven levels of direct set stimulation to correct nuisance barking. Direct set levels give the same amount of stimulation every time the dog barks, regardless of how many times he barks. To use direct set levels effectively, you need to test your dog over time and evaluate which level he responds best to in most situations.

The Bark Odometer is useful to assessing how effective the level of stimulation was when you’re not around. Vibration Mode: As an alternative to stimulation, The BarkLimiter offers a vibration setting for dogs that require milder instruction. When the dog barks, instead of correcting him with static stimulation, the collar will vibrate.

Bark Odometer: The Bark Odometer is used to determine if the dog barks when you are not around and how effective the correction was. To read the Odometer, turn the dial to N and observe the flashes of the LED light which indicate how many corrections were given. A red flash indicates ten corrections and a green flash indicates one correction. Total the numbers indicated by the flashes and you will see how many times the dog received correction from the unit. You can then determine if your settings where effective on reducing the dog’s barking.

Sleep Mode: The BarkLimiter offers a convenient and battery-saving sleep mode, which is enacted when the unit is motionless for a short period of time. The BarkLimiter can enter Sleep Mode when it is removed from the dog or while the dog is motionless. The settings to control the dog’s barking remain intact and will be enacted if barking should occur.

Replaceable CR2 Lithium Battery: Garmin states the BarkLimiter’s battery can last up to 10 months. This will vary depending on what stimulation settings are being used, how frequently the dog is barking and how many hours a day the collar is in use. Coin Slot Dial Mode & Level Selection: The Bark Limiter has an external dial that is used to set the mode or stimulation level for the collar. Settings include: N -- Off Position V -- Vibration Mode A -- Autorise 1-7 -- Direct Set Levels (1 is the lowest stimulation level, 7 is the strongest)

Garmin Bark Limiter Includes: BarkLimiter CR2 battery 3/4" black collar

Garmin Bark Limiter
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