Complete blind with hardware and FastGrass® material 


  • Comes in a kit with all hardware and 10 3' X 4' sheets of Fastgrass.
  • Fits boats from 14' to 20'
  • Installs in less than two hours
  • Folds down for easy trailering
  • Raises in place in less than four seconds.
  • Removes easily for off season storage
  • We recommend you wet the blind when you first get it. Leave in the down position for two days and then raise. The blind will take on a new look and the longer you use the blind the more effective it will be in hiding your boat and fooling waterfowl.
    • Note: Fastgrass is a natural material made from palm leaves and is very strong. The life of this product varies and is dependent on use, storage and trailering. Dry the blind between trips. Travel with a cover if possible. Replacement panels are available for purchase. Requires extra shipping charge as this is an oversized item. Shipping charges will be calculated for your zip code after you place the order. The extra shipping charge will then be billed to your credit card. 


    Comes in Three boxes. Installs in two hours. Boat must be at least 50" wide at the gunwale (across top).

This extremely effective hunting blind is constructed of lightweight, but tough tubing, and is covered by all natural woven palm leaves.


The blind raises upward for hunting in a few seconds and when the hunt is over, undo the two snaps, and two seconds later, the entire blind, grass and all, falls neatly to the inside of the boat for the return trip home. 

blind shown down for traveling Shown in travel position.  Because the blind folds into a nylon mesh pocket, the blind trailers well and the FastGrass® is protected to last for years.


The top shooting slot allows hunters to move unrestricted, up and down the boat.  The dark interior prevents the birds from seeing down inside the boat.

slot in top offers easy shooting

The FastGrass® blind blocks those cold winds and the irregular pattern matches the surroundings perfectly. You really don't need to hide the boat, you can park in the open or off a point as an extension of natural cover.  First day, or last day of the hunt, the birds just don't see you.

Open port on top provides easy shooting opportunities.

We offer a nylon boat blind wind guard liner for an additional $170 which keeps icy winds, snow and rain out.

Note:  Your boat must be at least 50" wide across top center. 

Nylon wind liner option

Boat blind wind guard set can be added to any existing Shaggy, or Fastgrass blind to keep the freezing winter wind out of your blind. The wind guard is olive green. It attaches to the inside of the blind with built-in ties. It is made from 800 deniers Cordura to handle any abuse you can throw at it.


fastgrass boat blind
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